Creating a Minimal Mid-Century Modern Space, Part 3

The following are the few items I have collected over the years that I am so happy to own!  These help my space to look unique.

This is my mom's parents' 1941 RCA Victorola.  It needs to be fixed, which is a special process so the bulbs don't explode.  Below, I have the two top doors open.

This is my wonderful Joybird couch.  It's one of the first really BIG purchases that I've ever made - aside from travel expenses.  This is the Hughes Chaise Sofa, in case you're wondering.
One of my aunts found these pillow covers.  They look like burlap, but they're really soft.  The beaded curtain print matches the couch.  I actually pulled these out at Christmas and never put them back.  I just like having them.
My mom found these old tv trays with a stand. They're a little scuffed up.  I've been thinking about repainting them.  Do I keep the checkerboard pattern or do I come up with my own pattern?

 My kitchen small tikis.  Tiki mugs, a tiki lamp, and tiki fi…

Basic Ahi Poke

Poke is a Hawaiian dish of marinated raw tuna, usually served with rice and/or veggies.  I just put it with some broccoli and made it soy-free. Pronounced Po-kay.  Summer luau?  Maybe try some poke!

Basic Ahi Poke
serves 4

1 lb Ahi Tuna, sushi-grade
2 TBSP Lime Juice
1 TBSP White Wine
2 TBSP Bragg's Aminos
1 TBSP Honey
Sesame Seeds
Onion Powder and/or Scallions, chopped

1. Wash your tuna and cut into small cubes.
2. Mix everything together in a bowl - tuna, wet items, dry items.
3. Chill in the fridge for 5 minutes.
4. Serve with rice and/or veggies.

You can add in fruit or sriracha or whatever to alter your poke.  You can also add in various veggies.  This is commonly served with sliced avocado, chopped cabbage, pineapple, etc.  Make it your own!

Be careful when consuming raw fish.  Always serve the poke chilled.

Creating a Minimal Mid-Century Modern Space, Part 2

At this point, perhaps your mind is teeming with ideas for fixing up your place.  Maybe you even laid down some new flooring or repainted your walls or something like that.  What I want to discuss, to really make your space feel like a minimal MCM space, is removing clutter and key elements to the mid-century modern style.

Removing Clutter
I've reposted my favorite YLiving advert: Clutter Causes Anxiety.  I saw it on the back of a Dwell magazine and it struck me as being so absolutely true.  It sounds so easy, but it's not.
What you need to do is dedicate a weekend to removing clutter from the room that you are renovating.  Yes, a whole weekend.  Your goal is to get rid of everything that you don't need, that you haven't touched in the last year, books that you don't read and don't have sentimental value or purpose, etc.
What do I have hanging around in my living room?  Let's list some of these things out because its kind of ridiculous. Ugly ottoman my mom le…

Creating a Minimal Mid-Century Modern Space, Part 1

If you have ever browsed the internet for pictures of mid-century modern home interiors, you might have noticed how clean and sleek things are, even if there are people in the photos doing stuff.  A strong aspect of MCM spaces was the minimalist attitude that went along with it.  You could have color, texture, and patterns, but without all the massive clutter that seemed to emerge with the more postmodern mindset.

Yes, the images above are displaying living spaces and are clean for a reason, but they fully encompass a minimalist attitude.  I'd like to discuss how you can create your own minimal MCM space.  I would love to give you some simple rules like paint your walls white or something like that, but that's absolutely NOT how this works.  We will start by going over space renovation: observing your space, getting down to brass tacks, and playing with themes.  The idea here is to plan and begin your most basic renovation like flooring and dealing with walls.  I also highly …

2017 2nd Annual North Pole Pin-Up Pageant

I am heading up the 2nd Annual North Pole Pin-Up Pageant.  I have 5 weeks (along with my fellow committee members) to pull this whole thing off - contestants, prizes, hopefully sponsors.  Since this has crept up on me, I am not doing any transatlantic accent stuff this week.  Sorry.  I need to get some details finalized for the pageant.  I'll start back up again next week.

If there are any potential rockabilly vendors out there, contact the North Pole Lions Club and ask about vendor space.

Made A Shirt

I made a shirt today!   I had some vintage patterns come in and I had some extra fabric lying around.

 I'm going to wear this with my swing trousers.  It fits pretty comfortably, but not with the sweatpants I have on.  I had to adjust the sleeves, of course, but that's okay.  I've been losing size on my arms, so as I lose size, I can always adjust the sleeves. *thumbs up*

I used a polyester fabric that would probably be better for a skirt or trousers, but this is fine.  It simply won't be something I wear on a hot day.  It will be perfect for rainy days, fall, winter, and spring.

I wasn't expecting to sew anything today.