Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Am I Lost?

Ever have that feeling that you are out of sync with the world?  I feel that way all the time.  My name is Jessie and I think I might be lost.

Its come to my attention, last night to be exact, that I need a new plan.  My previous plan was to take and pass the Praxis II exam, try for a job in Arizona, move if I got a job, and within a year maybe get a small house.  Apparently I'm not wanted in AZ now.  This puts me back to square one with the lingering question of "Where the fuck should I move to"?

Currently I live in Portland, OR.  I am a recent transplant from Fairbanks, AK.  I wanted to get out of Alaska, so I moved.  I am not a big fan of Portland, as I'm finding out, so I want to move again.

What do I want in a new location?

  • Hiking, camping, fishing areas
  • Jobs in my field - History and Art
  • A rockabilly scene
  • Close access to an airport
  • Museums and cultural stuff
  • Winters that aren't hellishly cold
What are parts of my new plan?
(In no particular order)
  • I want a job that actually pays me something worthwhile
  • I would like to eventually open up a business of my own....Oh so many ideas!
  • I want a dog
  • I want a house
  • I want to finish my tattoo sleeve
  • I want a hard body...Slowly getting there.
  • I want a project car
  • I want a room dedicated to a library
  • I want dinner parties, cocktail parties, and murder mystery parties
  • I want to be happy

I guess all in all I want to find a place to set some roots.  I dont want kids.  I dont really bother with dating anymore.  Whatever happened to that Norman Rockwell world?  Can't I just live there?

If you're up for discussing a rockabilly town, let me know.  If you have suggestions for a great rokabilly place for me to look into, let me know.

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