Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I am not a dancer.  I can do bellydancing and a little ballet, but there's more muscular control with those and it's not partner dancing.  The waltz?  I know how its done, I know the music for it, but I can't do it to save my life.  With this being said (and my personal life doing a wee bit better) I'm going to see if I can pick up on any older dances that would suit my rockabilly lifestyle.

Here are some youtube videos that I intend to rewatch and do in the privacy of my own home....yes, by myself.  Looking for any tips if you have them.

Jitterbug, Open Basic.  This is pretty easy.  Step right back, return to first position, step right, step left.

Jitterbug, Lady's Inside Turn.  ...And this is where I can't just do it by myself.

Jitterbug, Closed Couples.  Looks fun.

Jitterbug, Linking Open and Closed.  AH.  I see.  Looks a little more fun now.

West Coast Swing, Beginning Level.  Pretty good.


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