Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Focus, Focus

I have the Praxis II exam on the 20th, that's 10 days away.  When I pass, and I intend to, start looking for work.  I'm going to ask my guy what he wants, again, at that time.

I need a new windshield.  Mine is crazy cracked.

Is it wrong to really want to get a new tattoo when I'm trying to save money?  I don't go out unless I have to.  I don't take long showers.  I barely drink now.  I'm having a tough time justifying a tattoo.  Help!

I want to talk about that 50s/Rockabilly themed town idea again.  When I was on the coast the lady at the antique store suggested that I organize an interest group and hold meetings.  I'm going to put together a plan for a small community, small as in for 50 families.  I'm going to whittle it down to a single main strip and a housing area.  Suggestions are welcome.

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