Sunday, July 21, 2013


As promised, here is the drawing that I did of Paradise, a rockabilly/50s themed town.  It's just a street map with a boardwalk, lots, and some specific things.  I used Roosevelt Lake as my location, see below.

Roosevelt, AZ
Here is my drawing.

My drawing.  Click to enlarge.  Each pencil square is 1.5" = 100'
I always have suggested locales for places.  I do want a good size park with a nearby community center.  Here I have it as a monolithic dome and I'd want it to be very googie.  It comes with parking and a community pool.  I also have a boardwalk with a few buildings placed on it.  I'd want to have a Saturday market on the boardwalk - fish, fruit, arts, crafts, music, etc.  I also have places on the map for a good size library, bowling alley, roller rink (available for derby practice), fabric store, grocery, police and fire, a recording studio (any record companies looking to relocate?), and a radio station (40's, 50's, rockabilly, psychobilly, swing).  I also have 10 pieces of public art marked on the map.

I have designs and business plans for a handful of businesses for this town.  I also have neighborhoods planned out (Lemon Hills, Cherryville, and Space Rock).

If you're wondering why I don't have a marina, check out the town of Roosevelt, just to the northwest - like a half mile or less.  They have a marina.  I chose this spot because there's outdoor stuff, there's a beach, Tanto National Monument is nearby, and its close to Phoenix without the craziness of the big city.

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