Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rockabilly Project #2 - Tattooed Picture Frame

I thought I'd paint a picture frame and turn it into a blog project.  If you want to make your own tattooed picture frame, here's what you'll need:

- Wooden craft frame from a craft store (there are usually various shapes and sizes)
- Acrylic craft paint (natural/tan, black, various colors)
- Brushes - 1" wide square tip brush, size 3 round tip brush
- Pencil
- Extra Fine Sharpie
- Polyurethane (smallest tin available) or Mod Podge Matte Medium

Before you start, have an idea of what you want on your frame so you can choose the right paint.  I recommend checking out the traditional tattoo flash at Tattoo Johnny for ideas.

Pre-painted white craft picture frame from JoAnn Fabric.  Keep the paper in the center.  It helps for moving the frame around while you work.
My paints
My two brushes.

First coat of tan/natural color on the back.  Applied with the 1" square tip brush.

First coat of tan/natural color on the front.

Two more coats later, and it looks solid.

Using a pencil, I lightly drew out what I wanted on the picture frame.  Thanks Tattoo Johnny for the inspiration.

Go over your pencils with your extra fine tip sharpie.

I added the red first, then I made some purple and added that.
Yellow paint next.

Blue and green paint, then a little black paint in the larger areas.  Let your frame dry.

I went over my lines again with the sharpie.  This helps to make everything pop, it gives definition, and it looks finished.
Apply a single coat of matte medium or polyurethane.  I'm using matte medium here.  It dries clear.  This gives your work a protective coating.

The finished product and yes, that's a picture of me from 5 or 6 years ago.

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