Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rockabilly Project #3: Edgy Hard Boiled Eggs

These are perfect for a packed lunch to school or work.  It also helps differentiate which eggs in your fridge are hard-boiled and which are not.  Don't forget to toss in a little salt and pepper with your egg when you take it with you!

What you will need:
- Eggs
- 3 bags Black Tea
- 1 tsp Vinegar
- Temporary Tattoos (traditional style or whatever)
- Water, Salt, Pot, Bowl

This is pretty easy and its going to be done in a few sections.


Water and salt in pot before boiling.

Stove on high.

Eggs in pot, boiling.

Cooling the eggs in my colander.

Don't want to use this one.  It broke when it was boiling.  Egg salad for lunch!
Section 1 - Hard Boiling The Eggs
1. Put enough water in your pot to cover the eggs.  This is about 2" of water.
2. Put the pot on the stove and turn it up to high.  Add in about a 1/2 tsp of salt.
3. Put your eggs in the water.
4. When your water starts to boil, note the time and let it boil for 10 minutes.
5. Take your pot off the stove and carefully dump the hot water in the sink.  Fill the pot with some cold water to help the eggs cool off, then dump it through a colander.  You will want to let your eggs sit until they're lukewarm to the touch.  If you have eggs that crack during the boiling process, just set them aside and make egg salad later or something.  You don't want to use them for this.

My bowl and tea bags

Putting my tea bags and vinegar into the bowl.

Just added some boiling water.  I just used some water from my pot of water I boiled the eggs in.

Soaking the eggs.

After 20 minutes they are lovely brown.

Not the greatest picture, but they're all brown.

Section 2 - Dying the Eggs

1. In a small bowl add the contents from three black tea bags, boiling water, and 1 tsp of vinegar.  You'll want to make sure the bowl is about 2" full of liquid.  Let that steep for about 5 minutes.
2. Take each egg and let each one soak in the bowl for 20 minutes.  It will turn a natural light brown color.  The longer they sit, the darker they get.
3. Remove eggs and let them air dry on a paper towel.

Tattoos I got for this project
The end result.  Traditional tattoos would look way better than these snakes.

Section 3 - Tattoo 'Em
1. From your selection of tattoos, cut out enough to cover the eggs.  This should be one or two per egg.  Keep them somewhat small.  Don't use glitter tattoos.  Glitter can get in your egg when you open it and...yuck.
2.  On your dyed eggs, place your tattoos and apply them (with a damp rag -- I'm sure you know how).
3. Allow the tattoos to dry on the eggs before storing them.


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