Saturday, August 31, 2013

Recalculating My Steps

I fully believe that when things align something will happen (hopefully for the best), but during the time when things are still aligning you can run into a limbo phase where it feels like nothing is happening.  I know things are lining up, but I am in that limbo phase.

I am going to go through and see what else I have to do for moving.  Maybe there is something I'm missing.

1. Land a teaching job in Arizona.
2. Contact & secure a place for rent in AZ.  I have places in mind, but this can't be done until I have a job.
3. Rent small uhaul, pack shit up, and leave OR.  Should take 3-4 days to pack up uhaul and drive down to AZ.  I can be down there in 7 days, no problem.
4. Start work within a week of moving.

I guess I could always clean out my truck.  I could pack stuff up and have practically NOTHING out.  Leave a plate and a bowl out, that sort of thing.

What should I do with my frozen food?  Give it away?

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