Monday, August 12, 2013

The Ultimate Town

I've been looking for a place to live that has a high amount of rockabillies and 1950s style.  I don't know where that would be, so this is just a little something on the topic of what I want in a town.  If you like it, please say something.  I have a design project that I'm working on and I'd like to incorporate your ideas.  Its pure fantasy of course, but if there's a business idea you have or if there's something that you'd want to see in a town like this (perhaps an art display or type of street lamp or street car or whatever) just let me know.  I think I'll start posting up some of my designs.  If you have some designs and want to share them, I can post them up too.

The Ultimate Town
I want a town that reflects the good nature of yesteryear (1940s and 1950s) Americana.  I want to see mid-century modern architecture, googie architecture, and even some earlier modern architecture styles like arts and craft, art deco, streamline modern, and bauhaus.  I want to have a cute little house based on some old house plans from the 50s with the white picket fence, the 55 Chevy Bel Air in the driveway, and a dog happy to see me.  I want art, trees, and flowers in public spaces.  I want a boardwalk, even along the bank of a river or lake, so people can enjoy the water.  On Saturdays I want to be able to go down to the boardwalk to a farmers and crafts market.  I believe in hard work and fair chances, and I believe that a town should reflect that by having fair housing prices, fair prices for commercial space rentals, and a strong work ethic.  America needs to be a producer, to be self-sufficient, so I would like to see a few factories along the outskirts of town whether they're textile, recycling, producing furniture, bottling, or whatever.  A downtown area of small shops, tattoo parlors, a neighborhood butcher, beauty salons and barber shops, hops, bars, tiki lounges, cafes, photography studios, bookstores, a retro appliance shop, and other such shops would be delightful, especially if they all maintained that 50s/rockabilly vibe.  Musically I would like to see a big annual music festival focused on rock n roll, swing, rockabilly, and doo wop; also, a radio station just for the town that played music from the 40s and 50s, and modern rockabilly and swing.  I think there should be a little record company in the same light as Sun Records.

I would like to see safe neighborhoods with a police force like that of Mayberry's, but perhaps with a bit of Dick Tracy as well.  Its important for kids to feel safe and secure in the area they live.  I would like to have a museum or a historical place of interest close by for the biased reason that I have a history degree.  I'd prefer to see schools with a higher level of school standards and perhaps a small, private university worked into the area (art school, religious school, liberal arts, etc) to draw more young people in.  I would like to be able to have the option of going to see an old film playing at some downtown theater, a new film at a new theater, or a play/performance being performed at a community theatre.

I want to stay away from architecture that lacks style.  I don't want to see people walking down the street with their pants sagging past their butts.  I don't want to worry about rising crime rates or racism in my area or people staring at me/making cat calls when I walk by in my rockabilly/50s outfits.  I want what Norman Rockwell painted, what Andy Griffith portrayed, and the opportunity that graced Jailhouse Rock.  I don't want to see a Ford Focus on the street, I'd rather see a 49 Buick Super or a 57 Ford Fairlane.  I want to see baseball games, including a league of female only baseball like in A League of Their Own.  I'd like roller derby to be a part of the town culture.

I would like to see the community have a holiday committee that takes on city decorating and events like community Christmas party and a tree lighting ceremony, a Halloween dance, a 4th of July parade and bbq in the park with a pie contest, etc.  I want a place that I feel a part of and take pride in, but I want others to feel that way too.  This means lawns are mowed, gardens are kept up, streets are clean, graffiti is kept to a minimum, and perhaps juvenile delinquents are made to assist in this by cleaning up public areas.

I'd like this paradise town to run on a strong mixture of tourism, the factories, outlying farms/vineyards, and music.  I'd like the etiquette and morals of the town folk to encourage new-comers to step up to our standards.  I'd like America to stop and say "Wow, now there's an American town!"

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