Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Better Again

After a phone call with my guy that lasted until 3:30am, I feel 100% better.  I even got to the gym today.  My Guy, btw, took first place in breaking and second place in patterns!  He's gearing up for ITF taekwondo nationals this next year and he's opening up an ITF taekwondo school in the Phoenix-area.

I tried this recipe that I found the other day for Orange-Pumpkin Jello.  I roasted and pureed a small pumpkin, then divided the puree into two ziploc bags.  The first bag, I dumped into a bowl and mixed in some ginger, cinnamon, and a tablespoon of agave nectar (cause I don't do sugar).  I opened a box of orange jello and added 1 cup of boiling water, but only 2/3 cup of cold water.  I whisked in the spiced pumpkin puree and threw the concoction into the fridge.  I came home from work and tried it out.  Its strangely good.

Okay, so I didn't whisk it THAT well.  Its still good.
My next thing to make (maybe today) is Pumpkin Tapioca Pudding.  I love Halloween, so expect a lot of baking and cooking this month.

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