Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fatties Aren't "Curvy", They're Convex

I came across this article on Yahoo News yesterday and it made me mad.

What Plus-Size Women Really Want to Be Called By Beth Greenfield, Shine Staff

It's all about how plus-sized women are now wanting to be termed "curvy". I think this is absurd. The term "curvy" is for women with the hourglass figure. Women with this figure can range from skinny to plus-size, but to call fat women curvy is an inappropriate use of the word. I propose using the term "convex" simply because fat women have a more convex shape.

People are going to hate this blog post, I know it. It probably won't matter if I tell you that I was, at one point, very plus-size - mainly convex in the butt/thigh region. If you're pissed about this post, really consider how you're using your words and also consider why you look the way you do. I am short, a bit stocky, but my bust-waist-hip ratio has me placed as having an hourglass figure. Its taken me years to slim down (eating right and going to the gym) to get to where I am. Am I curvy? Yes. Am I plus-sized? Absolutely not. I'm a size 6 and I am still working to get down to a size 4. For those of us who work hard to stay healthy and fit, and who happen to be curvy, having a bunch of fatties call themselves "curvy" makes it an insult. I've mentioned to people that I'm curvy and their responses are always the same: "You're not fat." I am not fat, though I feel I still need to work on a few areas to beat the cellulite, but I never mean that I am fat when I use the word "curvy".

A study done in 2005 at North Carolina State University found that out of 6000 women 46% were banana (rectangular), just over 20% pear, just under 14% apple, and 8% hourglass. Click here to read.

I think America needs to grow a backbone. Its grown soft and emo. If you are fat and you feel sad/angry/embarrassed by your size, then its up to YOU to fix yourself by eating right and working out. I personally went to a natural medicine doctor and found that I had a thyroid problem (we got it fixed without permanent pills). I now work out about 6 times a week and I eat paleo. I'd use the term "diet", but if you're already pissed then you might misconstrue that word just as you have "curvy". Funny how if I was to say "deer is a major part of a mountain lion's diet", you'd know that I just meant diet as "usual eating habits".

Let me show you some examples of "Curvy" and "Convex" women.

These are curvy women.

These are convex women.

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