Sunday, January 19, 2014

Keeping Busy

Well, I've been keeping busy with projects and packing for my upcoming move - I'm a little afraid that if I stop then I'll have to deal with my heartbreak.  As it happens I have a picture of my latest project, which is still in progress.

I'm embroidering some pin-up girls onto dish towels, along with some other things like cherries.
I'm thinking about writing a book on Rockabilly food, arts, and crafts.  Some things are girly, some things are more manly, and some things can be done with kids.

Damn.  Is that really the time?  I hate it when you finally look at the clock and realize that it's way later than you thought.  At least my house is clean, my dishes are washed, and my pin-up is pretty much finished.  I guess its a good time to start on getting those patterns cut out.    On pinterest, by the way, I started posting pictures of some of the stuff I've made.  Up next are two shirts from Simplicity 1590 (one's floral, one's plaid) and high waisted shorts based on Butterick 5895 (I hope they don't suck balls once I'm through).

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