Saturday, February 1, 2014

House Details

The house that I'm looking at is an American foursquare from 1930 with an additional garage and add-on room above the garage.

What would have to be done (aka is it worth it?)
  • It froze up, so the plumbing would have to be checked out and probably partially redone.
  • It looks to be 2"x6" construction, so it would need to be resided after being furrowed out with 2" foam to make it more efficient.
  • New exterior paint colors.  I don't know why Fairbanks people like using brown for houses, but its AWFUL!
  • The interior paint is hideous.  The kitchen has a black wall - BLACK.
  • The hardwood floors would have to be refinished.
  • The kitchen has cheap everything and it looks cheap.  Blech.
  • The two spruce trees out front are too dense.  I'd cut them out of them and replace them with something else.  Maybe a hardy apple tree?  Don't laugh.  There are some kinds of apple trees that can live up in Alaska.
  • The garage was turned into a spare room.  I'd turn it back into a garage.
Alaska has its own unique problems.