Saturday, March 15, 2014


I put an offer down on a house.  The exterior is early post-modern with a Mansard roof.  The inside is midcentury modern with a bit of 50s primitive flair.  Outside is a deck, a dog run, and a big outdoor BBQ.   I offered $95,000.  I hope that's not crazy.  My mom, of course, thinks its about 20K too high.

I will know more by Monday.

I want to rip out the carpet, furrow the exterior inner walls by 2" for better insulation, paint, stain and varnish the floors, clean up the basement, take down some trees, and put in a low fence (a fence from landscaping bricks a foot and a half high with garden pots).  The exterior is brown, olive, and red.  I know, awful.  I'm going to paint the exterior of the house too.  My mom has a paint sprayer that I'll borrow.

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