Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tanka vs Epic

Some of you might know that I eat paleo - though I can make an occasional exception.  Yesterday I picked up a Tanka Bar and an Epic Bar (the Bison one).  I wanted to see what the taste difference was.

Tanka Bar

This was pretty tasty.  You definitely get the buffalo and the cranberry and then a pop of spicy pepper.  I was hoping for a little bit hotter though.  The packaging is okay.  Slight Native American overtones, the picture of the buffalo and the runner....okay.  You can see the bar through the clear plastic of the back, so you know what you're getting.

Epic Bar

If the Tanka was good, this was incredible.  The taste was more intense.  I've been looking to try one of these since I saw it advertised in Paleo Magazine.  The packaging is beautiful.  The only drawback to this bar is that the bar itself is only about as long as that bison on the packaging.  Very deceptive Epic, very deceptive indeed.  I had that feeling that people often get when opening a bag of chips only to discover that the bag is only like 1/3 full.  You end up asking yourself was it worth the money I spent for this item?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rockabilly Challenge #2 (April) - Easter Threads

I originally was going to post a dress that I just made from a vintage pattern, but it needs some tailoring.  Maybe I'll post it later.  Right now, I have my challenge piece.  I wore it to work, partially because I don't have a huge mirror - just a tiny thing.

This pattern is Butterick 5846.   If you're a dancer, this would be great for swing dancing.

I want to see your Easter Threads!  Post here with a picture and your name, etc.  Let us know what pattern you used.  I'll post it to Lonely Hepkat: Rockabilly Challenges on Pinterest

ROCKABILLY CHALLENGE #3 (May): Googie & Cartoon Modern Art

I love the Googie style.  I love the Cartoon Modern style.  If googie is more architectural and advertising art, then cartoon modern is a 2D adaption for tv and more everyday graphics.  Create 1 piece of art that reflects this.  It can be a painting, a lamp, a table, a drawing, a tattoo, etc.  A new piece of art for the summer months is never a bad thing.

A list of inspiration:

Be sure to get your victory gardens going.  I'll have that as the July or August challenge.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bought a House

I bought a house...or at least I'm in the process of buying a house!  The outside is a bit post-modern, but the inside is all midcentury modern with primitive themes.  I want to post some current pictures of the house, just so you all can see what it looks like right now.  I will be blogging about fixing it up all summer long.

The front of the house.  Mansard roof, post-modern design.
Brown, red, and olive?  Ick.  Why? WHY???

The Entry.
Awesome glass fitted entry way

Big mirror
Big living room

50s primitive art inlays!

Pineapple door handles

Tiny side room from living room

Main bedroom
Needs some love

Main bathroom
Hate the beads, not a bad tub

Blue marlite

Lots of built in shelves

Small green bedroom

A study/office

What's this?  Unfinished hardwood floors under this icky carpet?!  Nice

Dining room

The chandelier

It circles around to the entry way

More storage
Bathroom 2 with WD

Its small

Garage shelving
Needs a-fixin'

Doors to outside
To the basement

Out back

Huge BBQ
I think there's a deck here

That house beyond the fence is my sister's

Another set of WD

Forward: Bedroom, To the left: Bathroom