Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rockabilly Challenge #2 (April) - Easter Threads

I originally was going to post a dress that I just made from a vintage pattern, but it needs some tailoring.  Maybe I'll post it later.  Right now, I have my challenge piece.  I wore it to work, partially because I don't have a huge mirror - just a tiny thing.

This pattern is Butterick 5846.   If you're a dancer, this would be great for swing dancing.

I want to see your Easter Threads!  Post here with a picture and your name, etc.  Let us know what pattern you used.  I'll post it to Lonely Hepkat: Rockabilly Challenges on Pinterest

ROCKABILLY CHALLENGE #3 (May): Googie & Cartoon Modern Art

I love the Googie style.  I love the Cartoon Modern style.  If googie is more architectural and advertising art, then cartoon modern is a 2D adaption for tv and more everyday graphics.  Create 1 piece of art that reflects this.  It can be a painting, a lamp, a table, a drawing, a tattoo, etc.  A new piece of art for the summer months is never a bad thing.

A list of inspiration:

Be sure to get your victory gardens going.  I'll have that as the July or August challenge.

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