Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tanka vs Epic

Some of you might know that I eat paleo - though I can make an occasional exception.  Yesterday I picked up a Tanka Bar and an Epic Bar (the Bison one).  I wanted to see what the taste difference was.

Tanka Bar

This was pretty tasty.  You definitely get the buffalo and the cranberry and then a pop of spicy pepper.  I was hoping for a little bit hotter though.  The packaging is okay.  Slight Native American overtones, the picture of the buffalo and the runner....okay.  You can see the bar through the clear plastic of the back, so you know what you're getting.

Epic Bar

If the Tanka was good, this was incredible.  The taste was more intense.  I've been looking to try one of these since I saw it advertised in Paleo Magazine.  The packaging is beautiful.  The only drawback to this bar is that the bar itself is only about as long as that bison on the packaging.  Very deceptive Epic, very deceptive indeed.  I had that feeling that people often get when opening a bag of chips only to discover that the bag is only like 1/3 full.  You end up asking yourself was it worth the money I spent for this item?

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