Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tiki Pop

I've been thinking pretty hard about interior design themes.  I am pretty sure I'm going to go with a Hawaiian/Polynesian/Tiki Pop theme.  I'll be getting a puppy soon, a black lab mix.  I'm thinking about naming him Lono.  Lono, if you know your Hawaiian culture, is the god of peace and is the rain bringer.  I'll have to see if the name really fits the dog though.  I'll be able to take him home in a few weeks.

I'm finishing a tiki culture documentary right now.  It's in two parts, but here's the first part.

I picked up these two small tiki mugs from Hawaii.  They're made by planet tiki.  I'm thinking about turning them into herb planters.

I'm also on the search for a green couch - not a lime green, but something relatively island-like.  Maybe a bright olive and walnut wicker or something.  My biggest issue is that I live in a place where there is almost NO modernism furniture.  Its all postmodern chaos here, like lazyboy recliners and junk.  I'm also a little limited on funds, otherwise I'd get something like one of these:

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