Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Work Hair

To go along with my new plan of providing ideas for retro work wear, I decided to show you my work hair. I can do these styles in no time. You will get faster the more you do it.

My hair isn't usually this straight thanks to being a little Greek.
It's just easier for me to show you what's going on.

My hair is on the long side too, which makes some of those real cute short styles
a definite thing that I cannot do.

I always start by grabbing the front area, about 1-1/2"x3"

The rest I usually throw into a bun because I like to wear a head scarf.

This is a backwards barrel roll.  It kind of looks like a soup can.

I normally roll my hair after I put the head scarf on, but I'm trying to show you the look.

This is a side curl.  Its similar to the backwards barrel roll, but at a diagonal.

I think this one is a little more attractive with my face shape.

My crappy suicide roll.  I've done it so much better before.
This one you roll from the base to the tip - so backwards.
This is the newest roll in my arsenal.

It does look good with a head scarf.
This is what a suicide roll is supposed to look like.  See?  Mine isn't so great.

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