Saturday, July 5, 2014

Puppy Pictures & New Idea

If you read this blog fairly frequently, then you'll know that I have a puppy coming my way.  In fact, I get to bring him home this next weekend.  I swung by and saw him, put a green collar on him, and have named him Lono (Hawaiian god of peace, fertility, and the bringer of rain).  He's mostly lab, but has a little german shepard in him.

My new idea is to make and show functional retro work clothes for women who can't just wear dresses all the time.  In today's society, its important - right?  I'll keep adding stuff as I get pictures.  If you have suggestions or if you want to see something in particular, let me know.

Folkwear #240 Rosie the Riveter, coveralls.  V-neck t-shirt.
Denim pants, spandex/cotton shirt.

Folkwear #240 Rosie the Riveter, trousers.  Simplicity 1692, shirt D.
Cotton shirt, linen blend pants.

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