Monday, August 25, 2014

Kickass Weekend!

My guy was here over the weekend.  He came up here to see me, and to test for his second degree black belt - which he totally got!  So Proud!  I had to try hard to not cry when he was called up for his belt.

I promised him I would keep my mouth shut about us - in case there are prying eyes.  So, no pictures, no video.  Besides, everything I took is on his phone which is with him, down in AZ.


On another note, I have been planning a road trip or two in order to figure out where the fuck I want to live for the next few years.  My goal, when moving, is to open up a business and live in a house (rented for now).

RT 1: Start in Phoenix, AZ, check out some Arizona areas, head over to Albuquerque and check out NM, and head up to Denver, check out a little bit of CO.  I'm not super excited about CO mainly because everyone is telling me to go there - just like Portland.

RT 2: Start in PA, check out western NY and White Plains, mosey over to MA and NH, finish in Bangor, ME (not for moving, but to see if I can meet Stephen King).

Looking for any suggestions.  For example, this morning I was told by my godfather to not move to the east coast because its a different mindset.  The other day, my guy told me that he doesn't want me to have another incident like Portland, so definitely do the road trips and then make a decision...but if I move where he is, then he would love it.  If I find another place to settle for a while, then he understands because he wants me to be happy.

Now that you have an idea of my schedule, please leave a comment to let me know if you have any recommendations or comments on the general area.

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