Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wine Wednesday

Its Wednesday night and I actually did something.  Backing up, I made a new friend at the Reverend Horton Heat concert in Healy, AK.  April is one of the very few rockabilly girls in Fairbanks and we met through our friend Terri.  You can catch April at her blog Knitting in Pearls.

April and I decided to go to the Wine Wednesday at El Dorado (Mexican restaurant) downtown where we met up with my friend Deanna.  We all looked gorgeous. And, side note, I parallel parked perfectly - 1 try only!  Not a common thing in Fairbanks - parallel parking.   Anyway, inside Clifton Coghill came over and sat with us, informed us that Wine Wednesday was not happening.  (BOO!)  We still had wine, just not with that crowd.  So whatever.  Fuck them!  LOL  We had fun!

L to R: Me, April, and Deanna.  Photo taken by Clifton.
Girlie stuff remained as the headlining theme for the night, so sorry Clifton if that made you the odd duck.  I think we're going to be doing a girls night like twice a month or something.  I think we need to form a rockabilly club like the girls in Grease.  That would be pretty cool.

On a side note: Anyone have a Crosley record player?  I'm thinking about getting one.  Are they good?


  1. I had a lovely time with you and Deanna last night. I definitely think we should get together a few times a month. What do you think of Retro Ravens, or Retro Rebels. I think it's a little more inclusive than Rockabilly______. We have such a small community here it could be detrimental to focus on such a small subsection of the bigger community that we identify with. Just my thoughts.
    Knitting in Pearls

  2. I agree. My first thought was "Fierce Kittens", but its not very Alaskan. Brainstorming time!


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