Monday, September 29, 2014

Vintage Radios

I got to thinking about living rooms and radios.  While I like the new Crosley radios that are out there, I also go to thinking about vintage radios and where to find them.  I'm in Alaska and vintage radios aren't easy to come by.  I don't know if they get dumped or if people just keep them around.  The radios that I'm interested in are bakelite radios.

Phil's Old Radios - Bakelite
There seems to be a good varied selection at Phil's Old Radios, but they really aren't for sale.  Its a good place to kind of get an idea of designs you're interested in.

Its Bakelite!
You can totally order old bakelite radios from It's Bakelite!  You can place a bid or do an instant buy.

Etsy: Bakelite Radios
There are some bakelite radios being sold on etsy.  Prices vary.

Ebay: Bakelite Radio
Another site where you can bid or do an instant buy on bakelite radios!

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