Sunday, October 26, 2014

7 Days of Halloween Movies

Starting Friday night, I started my usual ritual of horror movie watching.  I'll make more posts later in regards to the upcoming week of movies to come.

Friday Night:

"Invasion of The Body Snatchers" (1978)

While I enjoy the original, there's nothing quite as intense as the 78 remake with Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum, Leonard Nimoy, Veronica Cartwright, and Brooke Adams.

Saturday Night - double feature:

"Invaders From Mars" (1986)

This remake of the 1953 movie was pretty bad. LOL  I think the best thing about it was the appearance of a Krang-like creature (for you old school ninja turtle fans out there) and the actress Karen Black.  The weird thing is that its directed by Tobe Hooper, who is best known for Texas Chainsaw Massacre.   I'm going to have my 6 year old nephew watch this.  He would probably love it.
Its totally Krang!

"Fright Night" (1986)

I didn't realize that this film also came out of 1986.  Wild!  This is a childhood classic!  I told my guy that every time I see Chris Sarandon all I can think of is Prince Humperdink -- even as a vampire.  I love the fact that Roddy McDowell is in this film.

More to come! 

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