Saturday, October 11, 2014

Today a Circle Skirt

I used a green plaid flannel and this pattern to make a quick skirt today.  I, of course, pre-washed my fabric.  I wore this skirt earlier this week (the long circle skirt in the pattern pic) to dinner with one of the girls - retro casual.

Lono, my sewing helper
This pattern is super easy.  There are two pieces  1. the skirt   2. The waistband.  If you are not using 72" felt (as mentioned on the back of the pattern), then get yourself 4 yards of fabric.  I got the skirt sewn in less than an hour.  Two side seems, attaching the waistband, hemming the bottom, and installing a zipper is all that has to be done.  I wore it out to get Mexican food going retro casual with my friend Deanna.

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