Sunday, November 16, 2014

Future Endeavor: Retro Cooking

I've been going through some old cookbooks and I want to give some of these recipes a try.  This won't happen until December - once I move into the new apartment.  First off, let me say that I am an adventurous chef and eater.  If there's something that I can't identify, my reaction is "Let me eat that!"  Sure, I might not like it, but what if I do?  I won't know unless I try it, right?

I have to admit that I have a low tolerance of Culinary Wimps and generally just figure that these people don't usually cook for themselves.  Pre-processed, just-add-water, box-o-food humdrum doesn't count.  Do these Culinary Wimps know the genuine pleasure of the aroma from onions sauteing in butter?  Do they know that they should not use cooking wine?  Do they know the joy of being able to say "Hey, I made this and it tastes awesome!"?

Let me get off my milk crate.  I want to try out some of these recipes that occasionally leave us all scratching our heads or saying "who would eat that?" or "how do they come up with these weird combinations?" Without further ado, here are a few things that I am thinking about trying:

  • Chicken and Pineapple Aspic
  • Tomato Aspic
  • Three Sandwiches: Midwest Sandwich, Nova Scotia Sandwich, and Peanut Butter Club
Hunt, Mary.  Mary Hunt's Salad Bowl.  M. Barrows & Company; New York, 1939.
  • Gooseliver Bonbons
  • Burning Bush (appetizers)
  • Saucy Susans (biscuits)
  • Holiday Fruit Cake
  • Gingerbread Men (Not unusual I know, but I'm going to make them anyway)
  • Baked Prune Whip
  • Cabin Casserole
  • Nutburgers
  • Spiced Tongue
  • Princess Mayonaise
Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book.  McGraw-Hill Book Company; New York, 1950. 1st ed.

If there is anything that you think I should try, maybe that you don't want to, let me know.  I need a recipe and a good pitch - because I have to eat it. LOL  I'm making an exception to this and I'm eating some sugars and starches, but I usually eat paleo - so don't kill me with your suggestions please.  I can literally end up with severe pain from too much sugar or flour or grains...etc.

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  1. What a cool undertaking!!! I've been cooking from vintage cookbooks for, oh gosh, at least 16 years now (and longer still if you count the family recipes that were based down from generations past, no doubt some of which had their roots in yesteryear cookbooks), and posting some of my favourite (and/or the most eyebrow raising) yesteryear dishes on my blog regularily (I usually aim for one to two vintage recipe post per month). I really look forward to seeing and hearing more about your exciting culinary undertakings! (As a Canadian, "Nova Scotia Sandwiches" have really piqued my interests!)

    Happy cooking, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica


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