Sunday, November 23, 2014

Origami Christmas Garland

Since I'm now in the front office at my dad's company, I decided that I would do some decorating for Christmas once I get back from my trip to PA (I leave Monday).  I'm going to buy a shiny tinsel garland, but I wanted to do something right now.  I looked at our mail that came in and there was a big pile of crappy catalogs pushing consumerism.  Then it hit me.

An origami garland!

The catalogs provide free, very foldable paper.  I scoured the internet for Christmas ideas and decided on a bell and holly garland.  With a little spray paint, gold for bells and green for holly, and some glitter it could look awesome!

Here's what I used for The Bell and The Holly.  These are really easy origami patterns.  I taped each origami piece with scotch tape.  My plan was for a 6' garland, using some gold cording that my aunt found, with 12 bells and 24 pieces of holly.
Lono, my project buddy

I cut out each page from a magazine

Folded each page, cut off the extra, and made squares.

These are my folded squares (triangles)

Using the patterns above I made bells....

...and holly!

I laid them out on a table so I could spray paint them.
Bells became gold.  The leaves needed a base coat of white.
They ended up sparkly green
I tied the bells to a gold cord.  12 all together.

Added the green holly and DONE!

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