Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Seafoam Candy

This morning I had to cover for my mom at her bakery/cafe, so I decided to try my hand at making seafoam candy.  I have always love the sweet and salty flavors that bombard your taste buds with seafoam candy, but the last time I tried to make it, I did something wrong and it turned out BLAH.

I used a recipe I found on pinterest and knew it was the one when I read that the blogger had eaten the seafoam from the Oregon coast - where they definitely know what they're doing.  The recipe I used is at Simply Gourmet.

My hot mixture from my pot poured onto my cooling sheet (greased parchment).

After it cooled, I broke it up and was happy to see that it had a nice honeycomb texture.
I dipped each piece in chocolate and used blue candy coat for decor.  I should have put some sea salt on top.
I put all of this into a box and took it to the office.  I was getting compliments all day.  The recipe was great.  Its easy and fairly quick.  One batch would be good for a holiday party.  Definitely try this out!

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