Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Fly - Hairstyle

Around Halloween I was watching 'The Fly' with my guy.  We chit chat through films and he ended up saying that he liked how Helene's hair looked when it was up.  I figured I could do it and the bet was on.  In the film, Helene (played by Patricia Owens) has bangs.  I do not.  Helene's bangs were curled a bit and pushed to the side, you'll see in the pictures below.  I figured that I could just do a front side roll. The back of Helene's updo is basically a french twist base with a bun-like hair swirl on top.  Its important to mention that it's not a bun.  There's just extra hair that gets pinned in a bun-like circle at the top of the french twist.

I've worn my hair like this a few times and am now just referring to it as The Fly.

Here's some pictures of Helene:

Here's how The Fly looks on me and visual instructions.

Step 1 - Separate some hair in the front for your side roll, if that's what you're going to do.
Step 2 - Pull the rest of your hair back and twist it moderately tight.  You want it to have a tiny bit of looseness to it, so you can do the rest.
Step 3 - Pull your twisted hair up and twist it some more.  This will make a good french twist base.  Pin it.  I suggest with two bobby pins at the top, two at the midpoint, and two at the bottom.
Step 4 - Keep the excess hair in a loose twist and form it into a circle shape at the top of the french twist.  Pin it.
Step 5 - Take care of the front of your hair.  You can curl your bangs or do a side roll (like 1 victory roll that points outwards).
Step 6 - Spray with hairspray to keep those fly-aways from happening.

I hope you give it a try and let me know if you like The Fly updo.  I'd like to see some other updos from movies tried out online.

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