Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Plan of Action

Well....I got back to Fairbanks at 2am on Thursday.  I spent just over a week in Hummelstown, PA - right next to Hershey and not too far from Harrisburg. 

I was fortunate enough to be able to stay with my friends who live there.  Thank you Jhane and Don!  I went there to check out the area to see if I want to live there.  There are jobs, the economy seems stable, there's a lot of art and culture, you can hike year round, and while the area is close to Harrisburg (the capital of PA) it has a small town feel.

There seemed to be a good handful of antique stores in the area - I love antique stores.  Rockabilly stuff?  Well, not a whole bunch that I saw on my trip.  There seemed to be a good handful of 50s diners and some MCM architecture.  I didn't make it to the two retro/vintage stores that I was told about, but in the area I was told about Atomic Warehouse and Miss Ruth's Time Bomb.  Also, in Hershey there is the AACA Museum - antique cars.

Could I live in the area?  Yes.  In fact, I'm excited about it!  I've joined a facebook group Pennsylvania Rockabilly Psychobilly to keep up on events going on. 

Do I have any readers from central PA?  It would be great to make some friends in the area who are into the rockabilly scene.  If you are in the area, let me know, maybe join the facebook group.

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