Thursday, December 11, 2014

Few. More. Days.

Sometimes I really hate waiting for things.  This weekend, the neighbors are moving out and I should be able to move in.  Once that happens, I need to get a new dog bed, some Christmas decorations, and then I have a massive task of going through my books.  Moving across the hall will be a well-deserved break from living with my folks.  This was supposed to happen back in May/June.  At least in Portland I had my own place - though I really hated my neighbors for being so loud.

I can't wait to start trying out some new recipes, having the space and time to sew, and just being able to do my own thing.  Heck, even just watching something on the television without complaints like American Horror Story.  I don't complain about my dad's hunting shows or football.

I just hate this hurry up and wait part.  I'm sure I could pack some stuff up to make it easier to move across the hall.  Maybe I'll do that tonight.

On another note, I'm a little late with my Vintage Secret Santa since I was in PA when I was notified of who I got.  I'll get it out, but I have to wait for Saturday.  I'll mail it on Saturday too.  I swear I have something awesome in mind.  Vintage, Alaskan, MCM, with a little mystery to it.  My secret santa person mentioned hair and makeup and clothing, but we're so limited up here in Alaska.  I'm sure they'll understand and I bet they'll like what I send them.

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  1. Yeah, pack some things up and smile! You'll be nice and cozy and cooking up all sorts of good things soon!


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