Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Pre-Christmas Kitchen Remodel, Part 1

Some folks would call me crazy.  I got into my apartment and immediately bought paint with plans to tear down the kitchen wallpaper.  Since I was originally supposed to be in this apartment 6 months ago, I already had some plans in my head.  The kitchen is dark with the big, medium walnut stained cabinets.  Its cold because of the high contrast between the cabinets and the wilson art white with gold vein laminate countertops.
My paint color choice
Wilson Art laminate.  White with gold vein
I think this is what my laminate is.

The Wilson Art white gold satellite laminate isn't made anymore.  I found a picture of it thanks to Retro Renovation.  I asked Wilson Art, through facebook, about the time frame on this particular laminate.  They replied that it is from the 60s and, they weren't 100%, but were pretty sure it was discontinued in the 70s.  I checked on the building with the FNSB Property Database and found that the building was built in 1972 (by my grandpa).  He was a mechanical contractor (as is my dad), so he probably got a pretty sweet deal on the bathroom fixtures which are pink.

My kitchen was wallpapered with beige on beige, the papered trim in wine.

EW.  How utterly plain...and I'm not just talking about me without makeup or hair done.
First thing to do was take down the top layer of wallpaper.  If you've ever removed wallpaper, you know that its basically a two step process.  You have the outer layer, then you have the papery glue layer.  I decided to use a steamer to help me along.

A razorblade really helped me out.

This is what the papery glue layer looks like, with some scraped away.

It sure looks clean with the top portion of the wallpaper gone.

Had to take off the wallpaper above the cabinets too.

It seemed to take forever to get the first part cleared.  That's my steamer on the counter.  Every time I run out of water, I take a break.  It was the best plan that I could have.

The original green daisy floral wallpaper and the new-ish beige on beige wallpaper.
Once the wallpaper is off, its time to start priming, right?  Well I thought so, but my mom was over and complained that I missed a few pieces of papery glue.  I took a hand sander to the walls, then started to prime it.

Getting it primed!

Getting it done!
With the priming done, I couldn't help but get some initial color on, just to see how it might look.  I know its bright, but I'm planning on doing a polynesian/tiki kitchen.  Besides, when its dark all the time (I think we just gained like almost a minute of daylight) a color like this can really lift your spirit.  If you have any suggestions, I'm open to them.  I'm considering a spattering of MCM tiki stenciling in gold, maybe by the sink.

Some of the first bit of paint, just to have an idea of what it look like.

The rest should be finished tonight.  I asked my uncle if he could fix the wonky flickering overhead light and he did - THANK YOU!  Now there are no reasons for my help (my mom) not to help.  I did help her remodel her kitchen last month - so she can at least help me paint.  I believe its going to take at least two good coats.

Put it off until after Christmas you say?  I would, if I wasn't having people over for Christmas and if I wasn't in charge of the appetizers.

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