Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paleo Rant - What Is and Is Not Paleo

The BASIC Paleo Pyramid
I need to spout off about paleo recipes and cookbooks and shit that I keep finding.  Its supposed to be a diet, a way of eating, that involves the avoidance of grains, legumes, sugars, and starches.  I cannot tell you how many times I see corn or potato or sweet potato or soy or tapioca or something in a recipe.

Who is letting idiots put PALEO on shit that isn't paleo?  ARGH!  It makes me mad.

Here is a list of stuff you SHOULD NOT eat if you are on the paleo diet:
Wheat, wheat/ap flour, sugar, rice, tapioca (made from rice), bulgur, quinoa, buckwheat, beans, peas, corn (a grain), oats, rye, kamut, teff, spelt, barley, lentils, peanuts, chickpeas, carrots, potato, sweet potato, milk, most dairy (at least keep it limited), and processed food.

Need a supplement for something listed above?  Try these:
Potato - Yam, Taro, pureed cauliflower (in place of mashed potato)
Basic bread - Look for recipes involving coconut flour bread, cauliflower pizza crust, or spinach bread
Rice - Look for recipes on cauliflower rice and chopped broccoli (good substitute)
Potato Chips - Banana chips, apple chips
Noodles - Zucchini (cut long and flat for lasagne, spiral cutter for spaghetti), eggplant, miracle noodles (noodles made from mushrooms), spaghetti squash
Milk - Almond milk, coconut milk, other nut milks.  These are found in rectangle boxes usually.

The paleo diet doesn't mean that you don't have any kind of flour that you can use.  Try these flours/meals:
Almond meal, coconut flour, other nut meals, and chestnut flour.     The list is definitely limited because PALEO DOESN'T USUALLY USE FLOURS.

Need a sweetener?  There is a big debate over sweeteners, but I figure that if you really cut back on sweeteners and aim for those that are more natural and not processed you'll be good.  Here is a few you can try:
Agave nectar, raw honey, coconut sugar, fruit sweet by wax orchards, and stevia (you can grow your own!).  Also, you might want to try using fruit as a sweetener, like dates, prunes, or raisins.

Sticking with the paleo diet is not hard if you are actually committed to it.  One of the best things to do, if you decide to go this route, is to get rid of all the food you are not allowed to eat.  Don't go out for a few weeks.  Just make your own food.  Make a menu plan.  Make some food that will last a few days like crockpot stews or lasagne or something.

If you have any questions about the paleo diet, look to the man who started the whole thing: Dr. Loren Cordain.  YOU CAN GET HIS BOOK HERE.   It outlines everything, provides some medical and scientific background, and gives you a bunch of recipes.  Its the book I started out on.  I got it after finding out that I have a hypothyroid.  I went through a natural medicine doctor and this was a third of my cure.  Paleo diet + 5 days a week of exercise + powdered pig thyroid (for my first few months) = Me becoming healthy and regular.  My body temperature became normal, I was able to lose weight (I went from a 14/16 to a size 4), and became more mentally sharp (a bad side effect with hypothyroidism).

One thing I will say: Carbohydrates are a severely hard addiction to break away from.  Its mental though.  Don't think of it as "yummy sugar" or "yummy bread", etc.  Think of it as "mashed cauliflower is good" or "I need something sweet, I'll have some prunes or dates".

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