Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Prison System

A chain gang
Lately I've been having a few political-based discussions, mainly with my mom.  One that we talk about fairly often is in regards to the prison system.  I thought I'd mention something on here, though I wouldn't be surprised if I get flack for it.  I'm not a big fan of how it is set up.

What I would suggest doing:
  1. Bring back chain gangs and prisons that mass produce something.  The money brought in by the goods sold can help to pay for the prison system.  In Eastern Oregon the brand Prison Blues are produced by the prisoners.  Let the prisoners earn a little money (severely reduced pay) for their work.
  2. People who are put on 'Death Row' need to be killed in a timely fashion.  Shoot 'em, gas 'em, drug 'em, hang 'em, etc.  You hear about these people on death row who have been on death row for YEARS, decades even!  Crazy!  What a waste of money.  Just shoot the bastards and lets move on.
  3. Reduce the prison luxuries.  No cable television.  No chance to get a college degree.  Keep the meals real basic.
  4. Increase availability of jobs by hiring psychologists for group therapy sessions, artists for art therapy sessions, and even English majors for literary therapy (people like books).
  5. Teach prisoners some basic skills: carpentry, landscaping, plumbing, etc.  Not a full apprenticeship or anything with a union, but just some useful skills so they can go out in the world with good skills.  Hell, working in a factory setting can produce some good factory workers...which is what America needs.
  6. If people really want to have an inescapable, hellish type of prison then please use one of the remote Aleutian Islands out beyond Dutch Harbor, Alaska.  The water is INSANE!  The weather is shitty.  You can only fly or boat in at certain times.  Don't plan on swimming because you'll just die.
  7. Castrate and tattoo rapists (especially serial rapists) and pedophiles.  I think these people are sick and need to be more easily identifiable.
  8. I also believe that harsher punishments, none of this PC crap, will start to make people afraid of going to jail/prison.  It would also help to not have tv shows create heroes from villains all the time.  Yes, all the time.
  9. I know this is really extreme, but what if we take Running Man and the idea of the Roman Colosseum and just broadcast it?  Fight to the death, maybe you'll live another day. LOL  Okay, I know no one will ever go for that.  I just happened to watch Running Man a few days ago and wanted to bring that up.
I don't know if anyone shares any of these same views.  I just felt like I needed to write it down.  Let me know if you feel strongly one way or another.  I'm always interested in various perspectives.

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