Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Essential Footwear

I wanted to make a post about some essential footwear for women.  While men were usually the one's to wear the Converse All-Stars, women had Keds.  These used to be standard gym shoes.  I went to the Keds website to see what they had: http://www.keds.com
Keds Botanical Leaves

Keds Champion Originals

Keds Champion Dip-Dyed
Keds Champion Mushrooms
Keds Champion Leopard
Keds Crashback with Flamingo

Keds Champion Berries
Keds Champion Pennant

Just like Converse, Keds is also available for the opposite sex. Here are some men's styles:
Keds Champion Pennant, Mens
Keds Champion Originals, Mens
Keds Roster, Mens
Keds Chukkas, Mens

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