Thursday, February 26, 2015

Let's Get Physical!

Aerobics, 1958
I'm quite an active person.  I go to a 5:30am crossfit class (strongest female in the morning class!!!) 5 days a week and 3 days a week I have taekwondo (I'm currently a yellow belt).  Next week I start a once a week (west coast) swing class.  I'm a terrible partner dancer.  Two left feet and all that.  I just thought it would be a little different and probably pretty fun.

What I want to approach with this post is the rockabilly culture and working out.  How much do you workout?  What do you do for your workouts?   I know a few rockabilly guys who are into weightlifting, my boyfriend just made his second-degree black belt in taekwondo in August, and I have some friends who were doing roller derby for a while.

Exercise started to become en vogue slowly in the 1940s.  It might have become popular quicker had WWII not have happened.  What happened in the 1940s that you might totally know all about because of popular film?  This:
Yep.  There's no crying in baseball!

Maybe that gave home exercise a boost.  I haven't quite researched it in depth.

I have a selection of pictures of people working out.  I'll leave a tag so you know who they are and what they're doing, etc.  Maybe it will inspire you to join a class or to keep going to the gym or something.  If you are one of those people who don't like gym class, let me tell you, I was one of those people...until I figured out what I liked to do.  Try some new stuff.  You'll find your niche.

Before I leave off with pictures, let me just remind you that my previous post is for a giveaway.  Please check it out and enter!

Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh working out
Abbye Eville, 1940s, Weight-lifting Queen
1940s and 1950s, Charles Atlas, Weight-lifter
Jack Lalanne, 1950s, Excercise Television Icon
Marilyn Monroe, 1950s, Avid Runner
Marlon Brando, 1950s, at the gym
Esther Williams, Champion Swimmer
Sean Connery, came in 3rd in the 1950s Mr.Universe Competition

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