Saturday, March 14, 2015

#2 DIY Men's 1950s Painted Tie

Men's ties in the 1950's were super cool and sometimes hand-painted.  This could be a fun project for a guy - whether as a project he does or as a present.  Since this is essentially an art project, I won't dictate any particular patterns.  I want to suggest that you do some research before you begin.  You want to have a solid idea of what you're going to be painting.  During the 1950's, ties went from 3" wide to  2" skinny ties.  Hold fast, I'm going to take you on the journey of hand-painting your own tie.

You will need:

  • A tie
  • Paint (see below for type)
  • Chalk
  • Reference Material

Step One:
Obtain a plain tie. You can find plain ties at thrift stores, costume stores, or (if you don't care about cost) at clothing stores.
My plain ties found at a thrift store
Step Two:
Find yourself some reference material.  If you want to paint a cat, then find yourself 3-5 pictures of the type of cat you want to draw.  So many people neglect this step when it comes to art, but it is very important.  Be sure to practice drawing what you want on your tie.

Step Three:
You will need paint.  I want to talk about two types of paint that you might look into using: Acrylic and Fabric Paint.  Acrylic paint comes in various grades.  You would probably want to get a craft acrylic (DecoArt is a popular brand).  You can also get fabric paint that is specifically made for fabric (Tulip is a popular brand).  These will both work, but you will need to let the paint set up for 24-48 hours and you may need two coats (for both types).

Step Four:
Use a pencil (light colored for dark ties, dark colored for light ties) and lightly sketch out, on your tie, what you plan on painting.  This will really help you out when you start painting.

Step Five:
Now you want to paint.  I recommend using a paper plate as a paint palette.  Once you're done, you can easily just toss away the plate.  Another option is to cover a plate in saran wrap.  To start out, I'd recommend using a dime to a quarter size blob of each color of paint.

My finished ties
 I used mostly fabric paint, but I did toss in a little acrylic.  Painting fabric is more difficult than it initially seems.  I will have these four ties for sale on etsy. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK.

SIDE NOTE: I will post an early St.Patrick's Day food post on Monday.  I'm doing this in case you want to try it out for St.Patrick's Day.

Click to enlarge:

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