Saturday, March 28, 2015

Heads Up!

This summer in Fairbanks, Alaska, I will have a tent at the Monday Marketplace (downtown on the riverfront).  I wanted to share this with you guys in case anyone decides to visit.

I decided to call my booth: Hepkats.  I will be selling my hand-painted fishing lures and Lindy Bop dresses!  I might have a handful of other items there, but that is still to be determined.  My fellow crafters Deanna and April (She Knits In Pearls) might have some items to sell as well.  We shall see.

I will, of course, always be up for posing with anyone who wants a picture with a pin up girl.  If its a nice day out, I will be in a retro swimsuit.  If it's a little ugly out, I'll be in a dress.  Always pin up sexy though!

I also wanted to mention that McCall saw my tweet and facebook post about wanting men's retro patterns.  They told me that they would talk to their merchandising department about it!  Isn't that exciting?!  Have you guys been posting about it too?  Tell me!  The more people who say something, the more likely it will be done!

At the end of May I will begin a 12-week summer challenge that I've put together.  I'll make a big post about it towards the beginning of May.  It's a photo challenge - one photo a week, but it has to be for that week's theme.  It should be pretty fun and it will totally give you something to do.  Want an example?  Here is a sneak peek at Week 10.

Week 10 (August 2 - August 8) - The poppy is one of the symbols of August.  Find some poppies and strike a pose or make something with poppies as your theme and get a picture of you and your project.

If it sounds like something that would be fun, then just hold on a little longer and sign up to take the challenge in early May!

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