Sunday, March 22, 2015

Product Review: Bandelettes

On my bloglovin' feed a week or so ago, I saw that the Glamorous Housewife had posted something about a product called Bandelettes.  These are basically stretchy lacy bands with wide, thin strips of silicon to prevent the bands from slipping.  They prevent chub rub.  I've had a chub rub problem since I can remember.  For like $15 or so, I ordered myself a black pair (as you can see).

I like how comfortable these things are.  I ran around my apartment pretty much just in my robe and these bandelettes for a whole evening/night.  They really were comfy.  I tried repositioning them and they always stayed put.  I also like how they never "dug in" anywhere on my leg.

I don't know why I don't always trust other reviews.  I think its due to growing up with clothing that never fit me properly.  When I was a kid I was curvy and overweight - not a good combo in this day and age.  Nowadays, I'll admit that I should probably drop 20lbs, but I workout all the time AND STILL HAVE CHUB RUB!   If you feel this pain.  If you have chub rub going on.  Take my advise, and the Glamorous Housewife's, and get yourself a pair of bandelettes!   NOTE: There are a handful of colors.

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