Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Product Review: Crosley Songbird Radio

I bought myself a Crosley Songbird (Crosley Radios) radio in turquoise.  It was about $50 which may sound like a good chunk of change, but this thing is awesome.  I can hook up headphones and my ipod.  I can set it to automatic - use it as an alarm.  The sound quality is great.  I love the turquoise color, but if you want something else it also comes in: black, red, blue, pink, and green.  I love the retro look of all the Crosley items.

I actually bought this because I asked my uncles if we could finish restorations on the 1956 Nash Metropolitan so I could put it in a car show or two.  The Metro is a two-tone turquoise and white car.  I wanted this so I could play my ipod while in the car or at the car show.

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