Thursday, March 12, 2015

Product Review: Red Dress Shoppe

I thought I'd share my new clothes that I ordered from Red Dress Shoppe.  I'm not a person who just goes out and buys clothes all the time.  I decided that it was about time for a few pieces of clothing that I didn't make myself - something more than a basic t-shirt or tank top.

Union Blouse in Orient

This is a great shirt.  Its a little thin, but that means I can wear it in the summer without worrying about sweating.  I put it on with navy trousers and found that I had to slip on a white tank top to hide my leopard print bullet bra.  Aside from that, it was very comfortable and didn't pull anywhere.  I tend to have larger than normal arms due to my working out all the time, so awkward pulling is an issue.  I also really like the color - kind of a mustard-gold.  I specifically bought this top to go with my navy trousers and my navy full skirt.

Apple Blossom Dress - Tart

When this dress came in, my first thought was "Wow, that's super lightweight".  It holds static, which can easily be taken out by putting it in the dryer on "air dry" (without any heat) with a ball of foil.  I really like how it fits and it's so feminine!

Bouquet Retro Dress
I bought this dress because it looked like a fun summer dress that I could wear with or without a cardigan.  I like the fact that there are pockets.  I also like how it's trimmed with kelly green.

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