Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Product Review: Space Nutrients Station

I saw a weird random ad for Space Nutrient Station a week ago and decided to look into it.  There were promises of eating like an astronaut, which sounded intriguing and like something someone might do if they were living a Googie-inspired lifestyle (rather than a rockabilly lifestyle).  I found that there were a few different types of mixes including double protein and low-carb.  Its packed full of raw and organic calories, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  Each serving is 670 calories.  It sounds like a lot, but one of these food mixes is equal to one meal.

I ordered a mixed pack of 6, just to try it out.  It comes in two flavors: original and chocolate.  I went for original first.  I just got done with my early morning crossfit class (5:30am to 6:30am) and I put some clothes on after a quick shower.  My tummy rumbles with hunger!

The six that I recieved

I'm trying Original Low-Carb

Just add water and shake.

I shook the shit out of this thing and had to add a little extra water, shake some more.

Then I tried it.
It doesn't look pretty when you get it shaken, but its not bad.  It's not vanilla or anything.  It has a nice nutty taste from all the seeds and stuff.  Its also not sweetened.  If it is, then not much.  I enjoy this aspect.  I don't need every single thing I consume to be super sweet or anything.  In fact, I naturally tend to stay away from overly sweet things or artificially sweetened things.

I would definitely buy this again.  I think this will be helpful for those mornings after crossfit when I just can't seem to get motivated to make breakfast or like this weekend where I have a 2-day weightlifting seminar (8am to 5pm both days).  I don't know if I would do this for every meal, but that is probably due to the fact that I really enjoy cooking.   If Space Nutrients Station gets around to reading this, I would enjoy a berry flavored mix.  Can't you add crushed up dehydrated berries or something?  I don't know if dehydrated berried are a raw food though.  I think this would be delightful with dehydrated banana too.

Oh, if you're interested in getting a 6-pack of samples (like what I got), it will run you $23.70.  It comes out to $3.95 a bottle - not bad!

Note: I finished my whole food drink while writing this blog post!

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