Thursday, March 5, 2015

Product Review: theBalm Make-Up

I ordered myself some make-up from theBalm.  Particularly, I got three things: Schwing liquid eyeliner, Staniac lip stain, and Nude 'tude eye shadow palette.  Let me address the packaging first.  I love how it has a kitschy retro feel to it.  This is the nice palette.  The naughty palette (same shadow colors) comes with nude girls with properly placed eye shadow powder rectangles.  Tee hee!  Very cute.  Schwing has a baseball theme to it with some retro ladies checking out a player's bum.

I started out with my plain self after a brief shower after crossfit, then I made myself up.  I will admit that when it comes to make-up I prefer to do things simply.  I like lip stains because they tend to stay on longer then lipstick (I don't care to reapply lipstick after every cup of tea or coffee).  After my lips, I just like to do my eyes.  Which means shadow, liner, and mascara (which I did not order, but I did use).

Hair down and no make-up on

Make-up on

Glasses on
I like how the lip stain just tints my lips instead of making them stand out.  I am currently the office manager for a mechanical contracting company and I already stand out like a sore thumb.  The real test occurred when I was writing this post.  NO LIP STAIN ON MY COFFEE MUG!!!  Hooray!!!

The eyeshadow is great.  It blends well on my skin (I'm in that normal to oily range).  I also like how black is included in the palette.  I used it to help with my wings/lashes.  The liquid eyeliner is something I have to get used to using again.  For the last year I've been using the eyeliner markers that are out.  I have to say that I forgot how black and clean liquid eyeliner is.  It had a great drying time.  It went on easily.

I'm very happy with this purchase.  Before I leave off, let me show you three pieces of packaging from this company that I like and that I did not purchase (but maybe I should).

How 'Bout Them Apples?  Blush

The naughty palette I mentioned for Nude 'Tude

En Root Volumizing Shampoo

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