Friday, March 27, 2015


I have a few things that I'm looking for that I thought I'd post about.

Wanted: Crossfit/Weightlifting Shoes
I'm one of the few people at the gym (Crossfit Fairbanks) who doesn't have weightlifting shoes (who actually care about it).  I like the Ma Strength shoes and the Reebok Lifter 2.0 shoes.

Wanted: 1940-1965 Camper Trailer to fix up
I wouldn't mind getting an old camper trailer, something that needs a little work.  I'll give it a good overhaul.  This would be a fun summer project and, in the end, a good investment for myself.

Wanted: Products to Review
I am looking for some products to review.  I get anywhere from 50-120 visitors a day.  It seems like my numbers are starting to increase as a whole - exciting to me!  If you have something you'd like me to review, send me an email.  I prefer things that are rockabilly or useful to the rockabilly community, but I'm open to various things.

Me at VLV 2013

Wanted: Modeling for Photographer
I would love to have another photoshoot done!  I'm hoping to do this as soon as the snow melts.  If you're in the Fairbanks-area, send me a link to your portfolio!  If you're looking to expand your portfolio, also let me know.  I try to be easy to work with.  I can do my own hair and make-up if you wish.  My site at Model Mayhem.

Wanted: Your Input
I'm in the process of coming up with some brand new clothing designs and I will soon need your input.  I'm really hoping that you, my readers, will totally help me out.  My first question to you is: What do you do to work out?

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