Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Welcome to My Kitchen

You might remember back in December I was going to remodel my kitchen a little bit.  I used Pantone Macaw Green for the walls.  It really brightens up the kitchen and makes the wood pop.  It was a terrible beige and darker beige striped wallpaper before.

I have two tiki masks who overlook my kitchen.  The one above the cabinets is a Lono mask.  I got it because my dog's name is Lono.  If you notice, above my sink there is a small shrunken head.  My sister brought me two hula girl flour sack towels from Maui.  I have three hand embroidered hand towels, two that I did and one that my friend Deanna made for me for Christmas.

An orchid my mom got for me.  I'll have some new blooms soon!

I turned a small tiki mug into a tiny planter with weird succulents.  Next to that is my statue of The Bucking Broncho and a tiki shot glass.

The strange tiki in the corner is actually the top to a tiki torch.  Next are two tiki shot glasses, another small tiki mug turned into a planter, and a dish holding a wonderful candle.

I really like having StellaMare candles in my kitchen.  This is the candle I have above on the sill.  If I don't have pineapple herb, I tend to go for guava coconut.

I love my tikis!

My two piece brutalist lava flow
 I had this art project going for almost a full month.  I took dowels and stained them Minwax Ebony, then cut them into small pieces from a 1/4" long to 1-1/2" long and glued them into place to create a black old lava bed.  Then I used paint and matte medium to create layers and layers for the lava flow.  Up close you can really see the layers.
Piece 1

Piece 2

God of Money, 'Aumakua, and Ku mini-tikis from Maui
Hope you like my kitchen, even though it's not totally done.

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