Wednesday, April 8, 2015

10 Things To Do In Fairbanks During Break-Up Season

What most people call "Spring" is what Alaskans call "Break-Up Season".  Its due to the fact that the ice and snow are breaking up exposing dirt (if on the ground) or open water (if on a river).  This time of year is a bit tricky to maneuver if you're not used to it.  If you're going to be outdoors, be sure to layer what you wear and also wear some boots (hiking boots, rubber boots, Mucks or Boggs).  I also recommend keeping a spare towel in your vehicle because there is mud, icy slush, ice, snow, and water.

Just recently our little rockabilly group got two new gals, both from California!  This post is dedicated to them.  Hopefully this helps with getting used to the area.

1. Garden Day!

This is the time of year where we Alaskans go a little crazy and begin to get our gardening stuff put together.  It is a little chilly outside, but planters inside (near a window) are totally worth it.  I love taking a whole day just for this - thus GARDEN DAY!  You might want to get a selection of herbs going in a planter or start some flower bulbs or even start some of those long-grow-season veggies likes pumpkins.

Where to go: Fred Meyer, Lowe's, Home Depot, Risse's Green House, Holm Town Nursery, Plant Kingdom (one of my favorites), The Flower Pot, and Ann's Greenhouse.

2. Visit Creamer's Field
You can bring kids and dogs (on a leash) to Creamer's Field.  At Noon, every Tuesday and Thursday, there are nature walks.  You can also just take a walk on one of the trails.  With the temperatures warming up the migratory birds are on their way back - soon you'll hear radio ads about being a goose watcher.  This is a great inner city getaway, especially if you have kids or a dog that needs to burn off some energy!  Its also a great place to take photos.

3. Museum Trip
Take some time to visit one of the cool museums around town.  This is a fun thing to do alone or with a few friends.  It's also a great indoor activity.  Fairbanks actually has a great handful of museums, hidden treasures, that need to be celebrated!

Where to go: Museum of the North, Fairbanks Community Museum, Morris Thompson Center Exhibit, Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum (fashions too!)

4. First Friday!
Every first Friday of the month is a big art walk around town.  You can find the information in the Newsminer's Latitude 65.  It goes on all year and can be a fun way to spend a night with friends.  Oh yeah, a lot of times there is wine!

5. Go To The Hot Springs
Before it gets too warm outside and before the buses of tourists, go to Chena Hot Springs.  Soak in the outdoor pool (bring a noodle to float on) and eat at the restaurant.  If you wait too long the awesome effect will be lost among the heat of summer and the tourists will make it too crowded.

6. Taste The Beer
Go to a local brewery and try the beer!  With the weather being nice, it sure makes it easy to enjoy a pint!

Where to go: Silver Gulch Brewery, Hoodoo Brewery

7. Take a Short Trip
Take a short trip to Nenana or Delta Junction.  These two towns aren't too far away.  Do it for the drive, do it just to get out!

Where to go (Nenana): Monderosa, Rough Woods Inn & Restaurant, Village Subs, Nenana Cultural Center, Fireweed Roadhouse
Where to go (Delta): Pizza Bella, Smiling Moose Gifts, Taste of Europe, Alaskan Steakhouse & Motel

8. Take part in Clean Up Day!
Clean Up Day is where Fairbanks and North Pole clean up their communities.  You can pick up special yellow trash bags from a handful of places around town.  2015 Clean Up Day is May 9th.  This is a big deal for locals and it give us community pride!

9. Spring Clean
Do your spring cleaning!  It's a good time of year to do it.  This is also a good time to plan a garage sale.  Why not make a little money off the stuff you need to get rid of?  You can also get your friends involved with this one and end up with a group garage sale.  It will take a weekend in the future, but it should be a fun weekend.  Just don't keep anything after the sale.  If it doesn't sell, take it to goodwill!  Don't keep the crap you're trying to get rid of!  You'll feel so much better for it.  Also, the Newsminer will start running a yard sale map in the paper.  You can get yours listed and get more people out to buy your stuff.

10. Get Run Ready!
If you're feeling the need to burn that winter fat, this is a good time of year to start running/power walking.  Fairbanks has a ton of summer races.  Of course, there are the standard races, the Equinox (marathon and ultramarathon), the Midnight Sun Run is in costume, the Color Run, and the Mud Run.  There are a lot of great trails around Fairbanks, so explore and run!

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