Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mesa Trip

My 5-day trip to Mesa was awesome!  We went to the Bryce Thompson Arboritum, a car show, the Phoenix Zoo, a taekwondo tournament and belt test (separate events), and we even dressed up one night and went out to a killer Italian restaurant called Buca di Beppo.

I really didn't get many pictures - most of them are from the arboritum.  One is from the zoo.  One is of me - all burnt and crispy - ready to go out to dinner.  A few from the tournament.  A little tip - after eating a full Italian meal, going out for Hawaiian shaved ice (we hit up Bahama Bucks) is a nice light dessert.

The best part about the trip was being able to see my guy.  Long distance relationships are hard.  The most awkward part: meeting his former inlaws (his ex was not there).  They were super cool though and I was told that they really liked me.

Keir doing his pattern at the tournament

The arboritum.  Beautiful!

Keir just lost some weight, so he was a little pissed about looking heavy.  It's just the way he's sitting.  Big baby.


We had Thor at the Arboritum

This cactus struck me as being very MCM

Top half

Bottom half

So very tall
Keir didn't realize I took this when we left the car show.  He has a 57 Chevy

Thor the 120lb lap dog and super farter

Flamingoes at the zoo

I make a good pillow

Burnt, yes, but still ready to go out!

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