Friday, April 24, 2015

New GOAL! Crossfit 1

I was just notified that Crossfit Alaska (in Anchorage) will be having a Crossfit Level 1 course going on in June.  I'm going to get my Level 1 and be certified to instruct!  I will need to train, train, train!

I have to say that I love crossfit.  Since your activities change day-to-day, it keeps your mind alert.  I can honestly say, and I told this to my boyfriend, that if I wasn't going to crossfit, then I probably would have stopped going to taekwondo since its constantly the same thing all the time.  Or, I would do it a month on, a few weeks off.    Crossfit not only makes me want to work out hard as hell, but it keeps me going to taekwondo.  Brilliant!

Wednesday, I ran my mile in 12:17.  Not my best time, but it was the first time I've run a mile since last summer.  Its also better than any time I ever had in high school.

March 2015 - Weightlifting seminar with Coach Ma and Manuel Buitrago

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