Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I might just start including some paranormal stuff on this blog.  I don't mention it too often on here, but I've been a paranormal researcher and investigator for about 16 years now (since 1999).  I have even written a book on ghost investigations.  You can check it out on amazon "The Professional Ghost Investigator".  It's just one of many parts of what I do.

I'm currently working on a plan to venture out to the middle of nowhere (literally!) to do an investigation of an alleged site.  I'll have to take a helicopter charter because there's nowhere for other planes to land and there aren't any roads.  What's out there?  You'll just have to wait and see.  The gov't might not like me being out there, so when it gets closer I might let you know - in case I go missing or something.  If it works out and everything goes like I want it to (*eye roll* never quite happens) then I could end up on Coast to Coast AM.

This summer I really want to have a retro UFO party.  Think BBQ, costumes, and party games (or something like that).  I think it could be pretty fun.  Costumes will have to be space, alien, retro sci-fi themed.  The food will mostly be space/sci fi themed (kind of tricky).  Not sure about party games.  I know that party games have gone out of vogue, but I'm sure I can figure something out.  As always, if you have any suggestions, please let me know!


  1. How superbly cool! I've always been intensely fascinated by paranormal subjects as well and adored learning that it's an area you're heavily, too. If we ever meetup in person, we must swap stories!

    ♥ Jessica


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