Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sewing Space

I want to introduce you to the sewing space that I've been using.  My sewing machine is down and has been down for a few months.  I've been using my mom's 35+ year old Elna.  Her machine will sew just about anything and it pretty much never breaks.   Can't say the same for my Brother.  One of the biggest differences: the Elna is made of metal, the Brother is made primary with plastics (as far as I can tell).  I don't know how modern Elna sewing machines are.  Probably made out of plastic too.   Whatever happened to quality?

Each project of mine goes into a plastic bag.  Only two left!

Buttons.  Buttons.  Zippers.

Mom's rack of drawers of oddities.  Glitter, velcro, leather pieces, vintage military patches, etc

A vintage coat my mom is re-purposing - see the leather additions?

I would like to see what your sewing space looks like.  What kind of sewing space do you wish you had?

I would really like a sewing studio with a big work table that's separate from the sewing table.  I want to create some of my own patterns.  I have been slow to get some made, but I do have quite a few retro-inspired fashions in my head and on paper.  Once I get some mock-ups made, I'd love to show some clothing companies.

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A little off topic here.....

Do any of my readers listen to Coast to Coast AM?  (http://coasttocoastam.com)  It's a late-night radio program that caters to the paranormal, alternative history and science, conspiracy theories, etc.  I've been listening almost since it started...probably around a year after it went from a political talk show to what it currently is.

One day I would love to be on Coast to Coast AM as a guest.

If you listen to C2C, let me know.  I might start discussing some stuff that's related if there's interest.

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